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    Vintage Corsets

    Vintage corsets essentially come in two different varieties. Firstly there is the overbust corset, which is a full length corset with the bra element built in, and then there is the underbust corset which comes under the bust and allows you to pair with a bra, or can even be worn over clothing.

    Another type of corsetry is the waist cincher. This is a much shorter form of corset designed to maximise the sexy curves of the woman's figure and is currently popular with celebrities like the Kardashians.


    Boned corsets

    Modern corsets are generally made from lighter materials and are for decorative fashion effect rather than for body shaping. Vintage style corsets include boning which is a system of supportive structures that pull in the waist. Originally vintage corset boning was made from wood or even whalebone, but these days, the best type of corset has steel boning. If you can get spiral steel boning, this has the best balance between strength and lightness.


    Which corset to wear?

    Overbust corsets have a slimming effect and are better suited to the more busty figure. These can be work under a dress, or as a top in itself.

    For women with smaller chests, an underbust corset will help you look larger, and accentuates the bust size. This effect can be exaggerated by wearing the underbust corset over a loose shirt or something with frills.


    Vintage Style Corsets

    For the true retro style corset, you need to match the corset with the vintage dress that you are going to wear. If the dress is full length, you can use a girdle and bustier combination, or for shorter dresses, a waist training corset or waist cincher is a good choice.

    Having decided on the style of vintage corset, you then need to choose your stockings. We recommend cuban heel stockings with a back seam for that authentic vintage style.