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    Vintage Lingerie

    Vintage inspired lingerie

    For the true vintage fashion collector, lingerie is an essential component of any reto style outfit. A boned corset, or bullet bra and girdle lingerie set not only defines the shape of the dress, but gives you a sexy feeling of glamour. But each style of vintage lingerie has it's own unique signature.

    1920's vintage lingerie

    Here we are talking about 1920s style lingerie. Think flappers, early German burlesque dancers and the Great Gastby. Ths style of underwear focuses on comfort and style: the luxurious feel of of silk knickers or lace bras and teddies were preferred over the restrive underwear of the post victorian period. For authentic vintage style 1920's outfits, fully fashioned stockings with back seams are a must.  Corsets were still in use (at this time made from elastic or even rubber) but curvy figures were out of fashion, and compressed bras were worn to flatten the breasts and give a straight shapeless form.

    This style of retro underwear influences modern lingerie styles including camisoles, french knickers and full length silk nightgowns. 

    1940's lingerie styles

    By the 1940's, new fabrics and methods of construction were introduced,, and changes in economic circumstance following the depression meant that silk underwear and expensive lace were less common. The slim loose fitting dresses of the 20's were discarded in favour of shaped, curvy body styles.