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    Cuban Heeled Stockings

    Vintage stocking heels

    One of the defining features of vintage stockings are the cuban heels. Cuban Heels were introduced in the 1920's with fully fashioned silk stockings and were a block of thicker reinforced knit with a square top at the back that can be seen over the line of the shoe. Originally they were designed as a practical way of extending the life of the stocking, but by the 1950s they were also added for fashion to seamed stockings, and different fancy reinforced heel designs on black stockings were being made available. There are a few different types of heels available.

    cuban heel stockings
    Cuban Heel Stockings

    Havana Heel stockings

    A variation on the cuban heel was the havana heel. Havana heel stockings are shorter and wider than the cuban heel, with a square top, although some types of havana heels have pointed longer tops which blend into the seam at the back of the stocking.

    As with other types of fully fashioned stockings, they feature the distinctive back seam, and are held up by suspenders at the welt (stocking tops).

    havana heel stockings
    Havana Heel Stockings

    Point heel stockings

    Also known as French heel, these stockings combine the seamed leg stocking, with the heel tapering off to a point above the ankle which is designed to accentuate the length and shape of the leg. Although they were called 'French Heels' they were most commonly associated with the British stocking manufacturer, Aristoc which marketed itself as the 'aristocrat of silk stockings'. 

    point heel stockings
    Point Heel Stockings

    Manhattan heel stockings

    Introduced in the 1950's, Manhattan heel stockings had a similar style to the cuban heel, but included an outline around the whole heel and foot. This style of retro stockings were considered to be more classy than the cuban heel and became popular with women who wanted to appear wealthy. Manhattan heel stockings can still be purchased today but are less common in fully fashioned stockings.

    Manhattan heel stockings
    Manhattan Heel Stockings